Hi Mags – I had a fabulous time yesterday. You are very good at putting people at ease. I don’t think I’ll be making the Albert Hall but it was fun, which is what it’s all about in my book. It was an experience that I won’t forget. (Steve – recipient of a surprise birthday gift voucher for a one-off singing lesson – he had never sung before!)

Steve, April 2017

Thank you for everything that you have done, you have not only improved my confidence in singing but also my confidence in general.  (Steph)

Steph, Sept 2017

Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing lesson tonight. I am still buzzing; not sure I’ll get much sleep before my 4am alarm!  You are an amazing teacher and I get so much than learning to sing from my lessons. I tell anyone who’ll listen how it is the best thing I have ever done.   Can’t ever thank you enough.   (Sarah, May 2018)

Sarah, May 2018

My partner said when he hears me singing (I still don’t do much practise when he is around!)  he has gone from “slightly wary to slightly warm!”  He also said his brow does not get so furrowed when I burst into song!  So an improvement already! Thank you.   (Alison, May 2018)

Alison, May 2018

Mags has transformed my voice from what could best be described as a window-shattering strangled cat to something very passable! We’ve tackled some fab power ballads and I can now sing my heart out in the car without my passengers demanding ear plugs. I absolutely love my sessions with her and feel like I just keep on improving. She is a fantastic teacher, exceptionally perceptive and very lovely to boot. A vocal miracle-worker for sure! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Mary, August 2018)

Mary, August 2018

Never in a million  years would I have thought I could I have sung solo in front of 150 people and be part of such a high quality cast and have had the confidence  to sing “Stars “. I said it before and will say it again  you are a fabulous coach. Thank you. (Ian)


I really couldn’t sing in tune and thought I was a no-hoper but Mags reassured me over the phone that it was possible to learn. She’s a brave lady taking me on! I’m starting to recognise when I’m in tune now whereas before I hadn’t a clue; and whilst I’m not the best of singers, I can definitely hear the improvement in my tuning and voice strength. Mike (38)

Mike (38)

The atmosphere Mags creates in our lessons naturally encourages me to challenge myself more and more, week by week. I can say to anyone thinking about lessons that you’ll definitely notice the improvement in your voice, your tuning, and your confidence after only a few sessions. Jenni (25)

Jenni (25)

Hi Mags, Thanks for sending the vocal exercise files over. I’ve downloaded and will see how I go with them. I must say I was really impressed with your lesson. I left feeling really confident. I think that that’s what I need tbh. Maybe a good way to do things going forward is to play you my songs and you give feedback and ideas like you did last night. That was really helpful. I’ll definitely be booking more lessons as I thought lasts night’s was spot on. Thanks v much & good to meet you. Brad (May 2016)

Brad (May 2016)

Hi Mags, Just thought I’d let you know that Isobel was really buzzing after her singing lesson today. I think she had a lightbulb moment with the combination of singing and acting and said it was the best singing lesson ever! She says she gets tingles when she sings that song now, so you’ve made a small girl very happy! See you next week. Richard (April 2016)

Richard (April 2016)

I started singing lessons with Mags maybe 3/4 months ago and she has helped me an unbelievable amount. From breathing technique to projection, everything has improved. Most importantly she has helped build my confidence, which was much needed. She encouraged me to enter Open Mic UK and I’m through to the Area Final! I never thought I’d be able to sing in front of people and now I am doing so. Her home studio is more than comfortable, quite spacious and is well equipped for singing lessons. Mags on the whole is a lovely lady, caring and funny. I can’t recommend her enough! Natalia

Natalia (Oct 2015)

Well what can I say… When you first meet mags you can feel an instant sigh of relief that your not learning your vocal training from a stuffy teacher, even though, she’s impeccably trained, you feel like she’s personalising the knowledge you need to take your next steps. I think that the most impressive gift a teacher has, is to make it fun, I never walk away feeling short changed. Quite the opposite, it’s amazing how much value she’s directly added to my creative experience. I never write reviews, but very happy to write a review here. Just don’t take my slots! “Customer and friend for life! 5*” Wonderful flexibility time wise and great facilities. Always goes the extra mile too by sending you your lessons in recordings. She will show you the path to becoming the star you want to be. Christopher (Oct 2015)

Christopher (Oct 2015)

Having never sang before I met Mags 4 years ago at a spur of the moment taster session. Mags’s passion for singing and relaxed teaching style rubbed off on me and made me come back for more and I haven’t looked back since. I now sing in a choir and a barbershop Acapella group as well as regular top up lessons to fine tune my voice. I have been involved in some fantastic performances over the last few years including singing with a choir pitch side at Wembley, on stage at Echo Area & Birmingham NEC and backing G4 at one of their comeback gigs this year….none of which would have happened had I not met Mags on that Saturday afternoon in the sun!! I would highly recommend for anyone to let Mags help them on their singing journey whether your ultimate goals are to sing better in the shower or to sing on stage in front of thousands…she will help you bring out the best you have inside you. John 

John (Oct 2015)

Well what can I say singing is the one thing I love in life. At school I was in the choir and in my teens dabbled in a bit of the old karaoke. Then I had my kids and left singing behind. As my kids are older I started going out more and found my passion for singing again, if not that well. But my hubby bought me the most amazing prezzie – singing lessons with Mags. I was so nervous on my first lesson, scared she would just laugh, but she was great. She told me to make a list of songs I wanted to sing. On the day she asked me about the songs then picked the one I was most dreading doing as I just could not sing it. Well within 2 weeks applying the techniques she taught me I could hit all the notes in the song. It’s hard to believe how much my voice is improving given the short time I have been having lessons. I really cannot recommend Mags enough. Nikki 

Nikki (Oct 2015)

I am so glad I chose Mags as my singing coach. She makes you feel instantly at ease which is not easy to do when you have to stand and sing in front of somebody new! I’ve had lessons for just over a year now and have improved so much. Songs that I wouldn’t have dared tried a year ago are starting to feel almost natural. Most importantly she has encouraged me to get out there and do something with my singing and so I have been in a studio and recorded a song – which I would never have had the confidence to do before. If you’re looking for a singing coach i would highly recommend Mags – she is a top class coach and such a lovely person – you would definitely enjoy her lessons! Grace 

Grace (Oct 2015)

I just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help with Joe’s singing over the past couple of months. He seems to be far more confident in his abilities now, which is brilliant. When he started, we had no clue whether he could sing or not! Sara Mihranian (October 2015) Joe is preparing to audition for a degree in performing arts

Sara Mihranian (October 2015)

After my lesson I tried loads of songs that I struggled with before and all of a sudden I’m hitting notes I couldn’t get before and my tone is comfy rather than stressed. Honestly, it’s like my whole singing voice has changed and very much for the better!! I can’t thank you enough. The guys at band practice were astounded by the difference in 1 hour and I really am as well. Can’t wait for next week’s lesson. Nick Lowe 

Nick Lowe (May 2015)

Isabelle adored her session with you. She has not stopped singing since! She came out with a big smile on her face and that’s the main thing. Dan (2015) (Father of Isabelle, age 9)

Dan (2015)

In the time I’ve been coming for lessons, my breathing has improved immeasurably, I know more about what I am doing, and I know more about what to do. I enjoy it all so much now, and feel confident enough to perform for others. Your guidance has given me the courage to enjoy singing as I always wanted to. You always know what you are doing, 100% concentrated and never distracted. Colin (2015)

Colin (2015)

As an experienced singer, I approached Mags for some lessons to improve my technique and performance stamina for singing lead vocals with a covers band. Mags did a brilliant job of quickly getting to know me and asking all the right questions to ensure every minute of the lesson was completely tailored to my needs. In just three lessons, Mags has equipped me with personalised advice, practical skills and tips to take my singing to the next level and ensure I don’t damage my voice. I’d highly recommend Mags for singing tuition at all levels. She really knows her stuff and has a great knack of putting you at ease so you can lose inhibitions and break through singing barriers. Thank you! Janelle 

Janelle (2014)

I wanted to sing a song for my Wife at a party for my 40th Birthday but I had not sang in public since my school days and was very nervous about the prospect. I contacted Mags to arrange lessons. Mags taught me skills and techniques that gave me the confidence to get up and sing in front of all my friends and family. I would not have been able to do this for my Wife without the help and support I received from Mags, thank you so much. Andy (2014)

Andy (2014)

I had some lessons with you several years ago in Mossley and absolutely loved them. I have since been travelling all over the globe singing and acting and have just returned from working in Disney World in Florida for the past year.
Now I’m back in the UK I’m wanting to audition to do my Masters in Acting/Musical theatre and also for Disney cruise line but I really need your help to work some magic on my voice before auditions.
Marple is kind of a long way to go for me (as I don’t drive) but I am willing to travel seeing as you are a million times better than any other tutors I’ve had. Natalie 

Natalie (2013)

You added a wonderful new dimension to my life, thank you. Maggie (2013)

Maggie (2013)

I had vocal coaching/singing lessons with Mags for around two years before her maternity leave. Mags is a fabulous teacher providing not just tools and techniques for singing but also confidence to really give it a go! I’m incredibly grateful to Mags for getting me singing; I’ve been singing in a choir for the last two years as a result. What else can I say, Mags really is an awesome teacher and a really nice person too. Alec (2013)

Alec (2013)

Remember this amazing lady if you fancy trying to sing. She is marvellous. She is responsible for this wallflower now having the confidence to assault her colleagues with constant noise around the office all day long. (The WI choir really doesn’t realise what it is in for.) Mags put me at my ease so much that I put her through months of caterwauling, which she not only survived but during which she never once cringed. (despite the pain I was likely putting her unborn child through). Not many are made of such star stuff. Caroline (2013)

Caroline (2013)

I’m an actor that needs to be able to sing but I’m not a natural singer so I enlisted Mags to help me prepare for auditions and so far so good, I’ve got into the college of my choice and I’m feeling much better about my vocal abilities. Sean (2013)

Sean (2013)

I’m still singing in the local Hospice choir, thanks to the start you gave me at Courage to Sing! Tony (2013)

Tony (2013)

I’ve always wanted to record my own songs in the studio and with help from Mags I have recently finished my first album. She not only coached me on my vocals but also helped with songwriting. Chloe (2011)

Chloe (2011)

Mags has helped Charlie to believe in himself. He was struggling socially at school and through singing has just grown and grown in confidence. Singing has become his “thing”, something he can feel pride in. He’s passionate about acting and has just got a singing role, something that would never have happened without Mags’s coaching. He feels comfortable with her and as a result is blossoming. Jules (2011)

Jules (2011)

Mags is a very supportive and friendly singing teacher. My voice and confidence have improved so much that I have started a rock band and am lead vocalist. Miles (2011)

Miles (2011)

I found some courage! It’s been a roller-coaster of a journey but I’ve gone from being too self-conscious to even hum a tune when I thought folk were listening to being able to sing (out loud) when I know I’m not alone! Not much, you may think, but a huge step for me. I’ve found it’s even helped in other areas of self-consciousness. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to find the “courage to sing”! Sally (2010)

Sally (2010)

Mags allowed me to go at my own pace and our singing lessons were great fun. I’ve got so much more confidence, have created some ‘time for me’ and have just signed up to join a choir. A year ago I’d have never thought it possible! Wendy (2010)

Wendy (2010)

So, You Believe You Can’t Sing? My confidence was zero….. now ….I made new friends, all within such a ‘safe’ space, allowing me to grow in confidence…. I have now joined a local choir which I’m absolutely loving. So, you believe you can’t sing? Learn with Mags and find your voice. Maggie


I wanted to improve my singing and have fun singing with others and the course was a great way of doing that. I had not sung with others before so was a little nervous about it, but the teacher Mags Lowe was great. Mags is very supportive and friendly and made the classes fun and interesting. I particularly enjoyed singing songs as a group and we performed in public at a local event, which was very well received… I feel my voice has improved since I started the course and I’ve grown so much more confident performing in front of others. I would definitely recommend learning to sing with Mags Lowe. Simon


It’s so addictive! I can’t express just how much I’ve enjoyed the course and how much confidence it has given me. I leave the classes each week on a massive high. I’ll leave the course with a much greater understanding and appreciation of my vocal ability and the confidence to take up those 1:1 private lessons and to join a local community choir, and who knows maybe even brave the odd solo! ….you have truly given me the courage to sing. Jenni


The workshop today had everything in it. For one, I’ve never seen Gladys so animated before; she came out of herself. The reminiscence activity was lovely and the sand box – you brought the beach to our residents. It was a multi-sensory experience, everything carefully thought through. The songs were spot on, a mixture of eras and styles and the percussion went down really well as everyone was able to participate even if they couldn’t verbalise. Staff Comments (The Dale Care Home, Barchester Homes)

Staff Comments

Just wanted you know that Abi has got a singing part in the show that she auditioned for. Thank you for inspiring her to believe in herself xxx Ruth (Mum of Abi)


Thank you for yesterday…..she was buzzing….she thinks you’re brilliant x Ruth (Mum of Abi)


Thanks for Maya’s first lesson on Wednesday, she really enjoyed it. Maya is very keen to continue with you as you made her feel relaxed instantly. Suki (Mum of Maya)

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